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Celebrity Trainer Galabina Kamenova

Galabina Kamenova


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  • 6 times national gymnastics champion

  • European Bronze Medalist 

  • Black Belt in Judo

  • World Expert on CBS's Global Talent    Competition Show "The World's Best" 


 Galabina is a former Cirque du Soleil artist and 6 times national gymnastics champion of Bulgaria.

  She also has a black belt in judo from the "All Japan Judo Federation" and a European Bronze Medal on a double-mini trampoline. She was invited to be an international expert judge on CBS's Global Talent competition show "The World's Best" along with Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, Ru Paul, and James Cordon.

What happy clients say...

​Gabby is very thorough and knows how to get the results you want. I am training with her to get in shape for my wedding and told her I did not want to get bulky- just toned. She created workouts that are high intensity interval that helped me get leaner/toned. I've seen results already and it's been only a month. I wouldn't be able to push myself to do these workouts on my own- so it's really helpful to have her to help me and make sure I push myself to keep going.

Christina A.

I have been training with Gaby for over a year now. She is reliable very professional and knowledgeable. Workouts are hard but fun. She knows when to push and when to hold me back. I don't think I have been in better shape in my life. Definitely recommending her!

Berenice B.

Gabby has such a unique approach to weight loss, diet, exercise and body image.I have worked with 2 other trainers before and although they were good at what they do none of them was focusing on the psychological part of the training. Gabby works with me on that also and I can honestly say I have achieved the best results so far in my weight loss journey. I understood so much about myself and how mind and body are connected. Really that approach makes all the difference.

Simone J.

Celebrity Trainer Galabina Kamenova
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