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What is the FitMom Transformation program


   It's a fully customizable online fitness and nutrition program tailored individually for each of you. No more "One size fits all". Here's how it works:

  • You download the app, where your daily plan created by me specifically for YOU for nutrition and workout is displayed.

  • Each exercise in the workout includes a demo to guide you.

  • The app notifies me when you complete your workout, and also alerts me if you miss a session.

  • This way, I am informed about your daily progress.

  • You can reach out to me anytime with questions, and we have a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss challenges and plan for the upcoming week.



The FitMom Transformation program is completely personalized. There's no single approach that works for everyone. As a mother of two, I've gone through years of bodily changes and understand the process well. I know how you feel and what you need to do to reach your goals. I'll be there to support you every step of the way in your weight loss journey. You'll never feel alone, unmotivated, or unsure of what to do. Additionally, you'll learn habits that will keep you in shape for life, as opposed to a crash diet that initially helps you lose weight but eventually causes you to gain it back.

Who I am

  • I am ex-Cirque du Soleil artist-acrobat 

  • 6 times national gymnastics champion of Bulgaria 

  • European Bronze Medalist 

  • BLack Belt in Judo 

  • Expert judge on CBS's global talent competition show "The world's best" with Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and RuPaul

  • Hollywood fitness trainer for over 10 years 

  • Creator of the "FitMom Transformation" program

  • Creator of "Slimer & Stronger at Any Age"

  • A mother of 2


All you have to do is schedule a FREE 30-minute Zoom call with me, during which we can discuss your goals, your current fitness level, your nutrition habits, and your medical history.

 I will provide you with a detailed plan tailored specifically for you.

If you choose to join the program, I will assist you in setting up the app.

 However, if you feel that it's not the right fit for you, at least you will have gained valuable knowledge and can proceed on your own.


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(424) 666 9006

Los Angeles

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