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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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November 8, 2017

 The late great scientist Candace Pert wrote a ground breaking book called Molecules of Emotion. Her work demonstrates clearly that every feeling or thought has a chemical equivalent in the body. And of course that makes so much sense. As we often teach here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program mind, body and soul are connected. They are a part of one integrated system and each one effects the others.  


 Some common molecules of emotion are serotonin, dopamine, estrogen, testosterone, endorphins etc. Often time people do not express their emotions of anger, love, grief, fear, depression etc.  not only out in the world but also to themselves. The reasons for that could be different - intimidation, fear of what other people will say and more. The result is emotional constipation and sluggish emotional metabolism. The result is artificial build up of emotional content in our system that needs an outlet. 


 Often times when we don't want or can't  express our feelings out or even to ourselves we need something that will give us a relief and comfort. Very often this thing is food. We all know about these fascinating experiences like emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating etc. 


 Our feelings simply want attention and when they don't get it there are all kinds of eating and weight problems that they can cause us which then will get out attention in a big way.  


 The remedy - start feeling your feelings, start understanding them, start talking about them, stop pretending they don't exist, stop pretending you don't feel what you feel, BE REAL. 


 Here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program we often deal with clients who didn't express their feeling for years, who kept them bottled up and never really tried to understand them and as a result they put on weight and they couldn't lose it.


  The most amazing things is that when these feelings are finally released and expressed, the body naturally follows this process and releases the weight it has kept on for years. 




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