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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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August 25, 2017

In my long career as a pro athlete and a performer with Cirque du Soleil most of the time I though that more is better, that faster is better, that higher is better and so on.  


I have noticed that way of thinking in many of my clients who are perfectionists, who are leaders in their area of work, who are constantly trying to improve in everything they do, who move others and the world forward, who are creators and very passionate about life and about what they do. 


 But there is one very tricky fine line when more becomes less, when doing more works more in your disadvantage. If you exercise excessively out of fear to gain weight, out of desire to lose weight because you hate how you look, if your workout turns into something you hate than you are not doing yourself a favor. And most likely your desired outcome from working out is not going to be satisfying.


 So here is a little piece of knowledge to all of you incredible perfectionists people. Intense exercise can closely mimic the stress response. Yes, aerobic exercise is great for us and has a long list on wonderful metabolic benefits. But in the wrong context exercise can wear us down, elevate cortisol and insulin levels, generate inflammatory chemicals, and lock us into a survival metabolism in which we vigorously store fat and arrest the building of muscle. According to conventional wisdom, weight is a function of calories in and calories out. So the more you exercise the more weight you will supposedly lose. But in reality, the exercise story is never so black-and-white. If it was don't you think we would have figured out the weight loss issue by now? Look around... the weight loss thing is epidemic. If it was simply calorie in and calorie out the world would look different. 


  So to quickly wrap this up because you have no time and you have to go run and change the world....


 ...the moral of this story is not that exercise is bad.  But we need to look at the motivating forces that drive us to exercise.  Healthy habits driven by fear are not so healthy after all.  Deep self-limiting thoughts can do nothing but suppress metabolism, even in the face of intense, calorie-burning workouts. Exercise and move from a place of inspiration, freedom, and joy – and your body will love you right back by rewarding you with a hotter calorie burning metabolism.


 Here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program we work specifically on creating a healthy mindset and expectations from exercising so it doesn't feel like a torture but like a wonderful experience for body, mind and soul which you love, cherish and look forward to. The results are happier, confident women, who love and feel good in their own skin. Women who have more energy and perform better in everything they do in life!






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