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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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August 17, 2017

 After decades of dieting and experimenting with all kinds of food and calorie restrictions people of today find themselves more unhappy with how they look than ever in the history of mankind.


 The statistics clearly show that 99% of the people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it back within a year.  


Why is that and what happens in our body when we get on a diet? 


First of all let's make it clear that when I say diet I mean any nutrition plan made to be followed for certain amount of time that restricts either calories or protein, carbs and fat. 


So when we go on a diet our brain and body on it's most primitive level understand that as starvation - there is not enough food in the environment around me. The body is made to protect itself. When we are on a diet the body switches to starvation mode - slows down metabolism, stores fat, does not build muscle. Sure you will lose some weight but soon after your diet is finished and you start to eat again your body in 99% of the cases will quickly put on all the weight you have lost and may be even some extra just in case if another starvation comes by soon. 


This process happens with 99% of the people who follow these kinds of diets. The good news is that there is nothing wrong with you if that happened to you, and that if you ever really find yourself in an environment that has no food your body will protect you from dying. 


So clearly... if you are looking for a permanent weight loss DIETING AND STARVING YOURSELF IS NOT THE WAY TO GO. It will only give you short term results, a lot of suffering and disappointment after that. 


Here in the Super Body Elite Coaching program we address weight loss on a whole different level. We believe that there is a reason for the weight gain at the first place and only by addressing that reason and making steps to change it you can achieve a permanent result and you will become a new person. We do not look for short term solutions. We aim for a life changing transformation of body, mind and soul. 


For more information feel free to contact us. 






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