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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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July 18, 2017

 People keep coming to me and saying I need to lose 5 pounds, I need to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds.... how do I do that? And I keep wondering how they arrived at the exact number of pounds they need to lose? Is there a science or a machine that can tell somebody what he or she is supposed to weight? The BMI index was generated by insurance companies who's only desire was to put us into some numbers so they can charge us more money if we are not in the number we are "supposed" to be. By what scientific criteria can anybody say how much weight you should be at any given moment of your life?  

 Science has completely failed when it comes to weight. It's time to realize that weight is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and most of the times there are no short cuts, quick fixes and easy ways to figure it out. 

 Weight could be a result from so many different things and here I am going to list some of them.The reason of me doing that is for you to see why simply dieting and exercising and the famous "eat less, move more" is not always the answer. 


  • Extra weight could be caused by unlimited number of emotional factors 

  • Extra weight could be caused by unlimited number of nutritional and metabolic factors 

  • Extra weight can often be connected to a deeper lesson that we need to learn - being patient, forgiving of self and others, learning to be present in our bodies, embracing sexuality, expressing more who we really are and not who we are "supposed" to be, learning to love ourselves and others 

  • Extra weight could be a result from a childhood trauma, previous history of sexual or emotional abuse 

  • Extra weight is quickly becoming a genetic inheritance 

  • Extra weight could be related to how we were brought up and raised into the world

  • Extra weight could be something that was passed on to us by the culture we live in, by our parents or the community we live in  

The list can go more and more but the point is that the answer to how to lose weight is almost never simply get on a diet, workout and purchase the latest supplement or expensive cosmetic procedure.  


Often times extra weight is a symptom that asks you to look inside you and to learn a deeper, meaningful lesson.

Our mission here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program is to help you find that lesson and to help you learn and evolve with it. 



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