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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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June 13, 2017

  We became so aware of how our bodies look in the last several decades. The media has been promoting certain sizes, certain body parts and how they are "supposed" to look. Women from all over the world got hooked to those images and we came to a point where we think: "If my legs, my arms, my belly don't look like what I have been watching on tv or in the magazines so I am not good, there is something wrong with me, there is something I am not doing right. The woman on the magazine cover though she does it right, she looks right, her life must be great. If I follow her and do what she does may be I can look like her and do things "right" like she does and ultimately be happy, love myself and be loved by others. But until I don't get smaller in size non of these things is possible for me"

Hm... is that really the case though?  


Do you think that the model, actress, celebrity who looks the "right" way is happy and she does everything "right" and has no challenges in life only because her body parts look a certain way? 


If this is the case how come many of these stars fall into alcohol and drugs addiction or decide to end their life? They have the "perfect" body, fame, money....everything that looks so attractive to most people. 


Having a "perfect" body does not mean happiness, does not mean that you are a good person, does not mean that your life is great, does not mean that 

you do things right, does not mean that you can love yourself more and that others will love you more. 


The only way you can have a perfect body is when you love yourself no matter your size, if you move your body in an enjoyable way, when you feed your body delicious healthy foods and drink pure water, and finally when you show out in the world your talents, gifts and the wonderful person you are. 


The real you is far more magnificent then any fantasy you may inject into yourself. Give yourself a permission to live an amazing life on planet earth! 

You are worthy of love and of everything you want to achieve!

Live up to YOUR values and not to the once other people try to impose on you! 



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