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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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July 11, 2017

 Uncontrollable desire to eat, wolfing your meal, inability to stop eating... Probably all of us have had a time when we ate out of control. Every time when you eat not because you are hungry is called compulsive eating. Overeating is almost the same - you ate more then you need to satisfy yourself. People often do that around the holidays when there is a lot of food around, family and friends. Binge eating though is on a whole other level. 

Binge eating is like a monster creature inside you that is completely out of your control and it eats quickly and everything despite of the feeling of being uncomfortably stuffed with food. Binge eating is completely out of touch with our natural feeling of hunger our natural appetite and normal eating rhythms. Eating become an unconscious act and the eater may often think that this is because of lack of will power or just a bad habit. 


 The truth is that there is much more under the surface. Binge eating can come because someone is tightly controlling certain parts of life - nutrition, exercise regimen, work, relationships etc.  Over-controlling something can often result in our body responding the opposite way as a rebel - getting completely out of control and eating more and more and more. Binge eating can often be a result from unexpressed emotions, suppressed feelings and fears, can be a result from a bad relationship, doing a job that you hate or living in an environment where being perfect in everything is the goal. 

 If binge eating is an occasional thing it will not effect your health but if it becomes something you do on a regular basis than it can have serious negative impact on your health and well being.  


 A lot of today's approach to everything is take a pill. And usually the pills prescribed for binge eating are antidepressants. My advice to you do not try to medicate the problem. Identify the issue that is causing binge eating and then is easier to find a solution that doesn't involve chemicals. 


 Here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program we aim for truly natural, holistic approach to these issues that involves a deeper understanding of the problem and a mind shift that comes from this understanding.



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