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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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June 20, 2017

 The amount of diets that are today on the market is huge and each one claims to be better then the other, each one claims to be the right one. So how do we decide what to do? How do we decide who is "right" and who is "wrong"? Before we go deeper into that I want to share with you something 

that the diet industry tries to keep uncovered for as long as possible.  


Did you know that 99% of the people who lose weight on a weight loss diet gain it back within a year?  


This is a shocking statistic! This should be headline news! 

 So let's try and answer the question which diet is best for me in a way that will help you lose weight (if you have a legitimate weight to lose) in a real sustainable way overtime.  


1. Love your body and yourself! The amount of self imposed hate and judgement increases the hormones insulin and cortisol which tell your body to store fat and not build muscle. 


2.Choose healthy organic real foods and drink lots of water. Nourish and care for your body as a way of living and not as a part of few months diet plan. 


3. Exercise and move your body in a pleasurable, enjoyable way. Do not stress it with insane workouts and unwanted exercises you hate. Find what you like - dance, hiking, yoga, tennis, running, walking etc. 


4. Your body, mind and soul are connected. Often times emotional problems, childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships at work or at your personal life, bad thinking patterns will manifest as weight gain, binge eating, digestive problems, slow metabolism etc. Until you don't address these issues chances are your weight will stay on.


5. Are you showing out to the world your real talents, gifts, passions and who you really are? If  you are holding them back chances are your body will hold back to weight as well. Remember body, mind and soul are always connected. As you become more yourself, as you show out to the world the person you are meant to be with your unique gifts, talents and personality, as you become more and more the best version of yourself, your body has the highest chance of becoming the best version of itself as well. 


Be, love and value yourself. If you need a little help getting back on track and learning deeper who you are, what your talents and gifts are and what is holding you back drop us a line.  

Our mission and inspiration is helping amazing people just like you to live their amazing life to its full potential. 




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