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August 17, 2017

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December 10, 2017

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June 6, 2017

 In the last few decades we became more aware of the power of our mind and more specific in the thoughts that we choose to think. All kinds of books and movies came around making us more and more aware that our thoughts today shape our life tomorrow. If we simply analyze ourselves we can easily come to the conclusion that thought precedes action, we first think of something and then we do it or don't do it. Sometimes that thought is a conscious thought, sometimes we are not aware of it. It's a part of a past experience, and a part of an old thinking pattern that plays in our subconscious mind.  

 So how can our weight be a result of our thoughts? 


 Let's remember a little bit of high school biology and recall the stress response. Stress can be real or imagined. Real stress is you being attacked by a lion, imagined stress is you sitting on your coach thinking "I am not good", "I hate myself", "I hate my body", "I am such a looser", "I am so stupid" etc. 

Your body doesn't make a difference between real or imagined stress which means the body will respond in the same way if you are attacked by a lion or if you think "I hate myself".  


 How does the body respond to that? During stress response blood moves away from the mid section of your body and goes to your arms and legs for quick fight or flight response and to your head for critical thinking. Having little blood around your digestive organs logically means that your digestion will shut down, metabolism will slow down, calorie burning capacity will be lowered, and you are going to store more fat. 


Hating and thinking bad thoughts about yourself and about various things on a daily basis puts your body in stress response on a daily basis, which makes you store fat and not build muscle. And simply going on a diet and exercising is not going to be sufficient in order for you to lose weight. 


  Here at the Super Body Elite Coaching program we address these issues on a much deeper level, finding the real reasons for your weight gain and your food/body/mind problems which truly is the only successful way to achieve real body and mind transformation. 



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